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After the Second World War he studied anthropology and became an independent writer.

During his studies he gained distance to the prevailing opinions of the American society. His most famous novel is Slaughterhouse Five , a novel with which he tried to digest his war impressions. Altogether he wrote about 12 novels; their satyrical style made him to a kind of cult-figure for American students.

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He belongs to those few science fiction writers who have managed to settle down in contemporary literature. The Sirens of Titan is as well a story about a very strange relation between two men.

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This relation shall be the theme of this work. Winston Niles Rumfoord and Malachi Constant are the names of the two protagonists in this novel. The setting of this novel is not only placed on Earth.

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Both travel. Winton Niles Rumfoord appears as the omnipotent omniscient supernatural being, who is able to travel through space and time in a very mysterious way called materialisation. He is able to materialize, that means to vanish at his momentary whereabouts to appear again at the same time somewhere else in the universe.

Furthermore he possesses another special ability, he is able to see into the future and into the past at the same time.

Sirens of Titan: A Novel (UK Edition).

He is protected excellently from any opponent in his living estate, where he lives as a member of the upper class of the U. One day he let his wife invite Malachi Constant, the richest man in the world, to his estate :. Defined by its rejection of luck, providence, and the arbitrary advantages that privilege one person over another, The Church of God the Utterly Indifferent revolves around the use of artificial handicaps to create a radical form of equality. Believers voluntarily wear various handicaps to neutralize their advantages and gifts.

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Initially hailed at the Space Wanderer, Unk is eventually identified as Malachi Constant and exiled because of his former life as a favored, frivolous man represents the antithesis of human equality. While it seems as though his fate has been meticulously controlled by Winston Niles Rumfoord, the actual explanation is even more disillusioning and absurd.

It is an ambitious story, one that is simultaneously depressing and profoundly amusing.


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Book Review: The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut

Admin Admin Admin, collapsed. Main navigation Events. Open search form. Malachi Constant, the richest man in America, has always had everything, and now he has the chance to have even more: another super-rich fellow, Winston Niles Rumfoord, invites him to travel to and live on Mars, making him one of the first humans to do so. Truth is, Rumfoord knows the future, and he knows Constant will end up on Mars, mated to none other than Beatrice Rumfoord, his own wife.

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Does this all come to pass? His memory seems to have been wiped clean.

The Sirens of Titan

In fact, you could almost call it fun — at least, as fun as Vonnegut gets. Be prepared to laugh in public places. Be prepared to cry in public places. The edition I read is only pages, which is long for a Vonnegut book.

The only things to read on board were two comic books left behind by the ship fitters. They were Tweety and Sylvester , which was about a canary that drove a cat crazy, and The Miserable Ones , which was about a man who stole some gold candlesticks from a priest who had been nice to him.