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According to Nissan, this type of system is incapable of uniformly providing satisfactory control performance to a driver because it provides only about three different shift patterns. The fuzzy control transmission senses several variables including vehicle speed and acceleration, throttle opening, the rate of change of throttle opening, engine load, and driving style.

Each sensed value is given a weight, and a fuzzy aggregate is calculated to decide whether to shift gears. This controller is said to be more flexible, smooth, and efficient, providing better performance. Also, an integrated system developed by Mitsubishi uses fuzzy logic for active control of the suspension system, four-wheel-drive traction , steering, and air conditioning.

Clarity of water in the washing machine is measured by light sensors. At the start of the cycle, dirt from clothes will not have yet reached the water, so light will pass through it easily. The water becomes more discoloured as the wash cycle proceeds, and less light will pass through. This information is analyzed and control decisions are made using fuzzy logic. Also, it has a digital image stabilizer to remove hand jitter. Fuzzy decision-making is used in these actions. For example, the following scheme is used for image stabilization.

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The present image frame is compared with the previous frame from memory. A typically stationary object e. This shift is subtracted from the image to compensate for the hand jitter. This reduces waiting time and improves the efficiency and reliability of operation. Ride comfort and safety are used as performance requirements. A fuzzy stock-trading program can manage stock portfolios.

A fuzzy golf diagnostic system is able to select the best golf club based on size, characteristics, and swing of a golfer.

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A fuzzy mug search system helps in criminal investigations by analyzing mug shots photos of the suspects along with other input data say, statements such as "short, heavy-set, and young-looking. Gift-wrapped chocolates with fuzzy statements are available for Valentine's Day. Even a Yamaha "fuzzy" scooter was spotted in Taipei. Fuzzy Set Definitions Fuzzy sets A fuzzy set is a set with a smooth boundary. A fuzzy set is defined by a functions that maps objects in a domain of concern into their membership value in a set.

Such a function is called the membership function. Features of the Membership Function Cont. Fuzzy Set figure from Earl Cox Fuzzy set figure from Earl Cox Design Membership Functions Manual - Expert knowledge. Interview those who are familiar with the underlying concepts and later adjust. Tuned through a trial-and-error - Inference - Statistical techniques Rank ordering Ross Rank ordering: Example Fuzzy Set Operations These interactions are called operations. For example, if we have the set of tall men, its complement is the set of NOT tall men.

When we remove the tall men set from the universe of discourse, we obtain the complement. The smaller set is called the subset. For example, the set of tall men contains all tall men; very tall men is a subset of tall men. However, the tall men set is just a subset of the set of men.

In crisp sets, all elements of a subset entirely belong to a larger set. In fuzzy sets, however, each element can belong less to the subset than to the larger set. Elements of the fuzzy subset have smaller memberships in it than in the larger set. For example, the intersection of the set of tall men and the set of fat men is the area where these sets overlap. In fuzzy sets, an element may partly belong to both sets with different memberships. For example, the union of tall men and fat men contains all men who are tall OR fat.

That is, the union is the largest membership value of the element in either set. Alpha levels, core, support, normal z zz z z zz In fuzzy set theory, the concept of nullness essentially generalises to sub-normality.

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Formal Definitions Numerical Example As mA x approaches 1. Fuzzy Number A fuzzy number A must possess the following three properties: 1. A must be a normal fuzzy set, 2. The alpha levels must be closed for every , 3.

The support of A, , must be bounded. The Extension Principle of Zadeh Given a formula f x and a fuzzy set A defined by, how do we compute the membership function of f A? How this is done is what is called the extension principle of professor Zadeh. Application: Computer Engineering Problem: In computer engineering, different logic families are often compared on the basis of their power-delay product. Consider the fuzzy set F of logic families, the fuzzy set D of delay times ns , and the fuzzy set P of power dissipations mw.

Application: Computer Engineering Cont We can use max-min composition to obtain a relation between delay times and power dissipation: i. Application: Fuzzy Relation Petite Fuzzy Relation Petite defines the degree by which a person with a specific height and weight is considered petite. Application: Fuzzy Relation Petite Given a two-dimensional fuzzy relation and the possible values of one variable, infer the possible values of the other variable using similar fuzzy composition as described earlier.

Definition: Let X and Y be the universes of discourse for variables x and y, respectively, and xi and yj be elements of X and Y. Let R be a fuzzy relation that maps X x Y to [0,1] and the possibility distribution of X is known to be Px xi. A peep into Fuzzy Control System DO we need FAT? Digital Control System Configuration Developing a model of the automobile dynamics which may model vehicle and power train dynamics, tire and suspension dynamics, the effect of road grade variations, etc.

Using the mathematical model, or a simplified version of it, to design a controller e. Using the mathematical model of the closed-loop system and mathematical or simulation-based analysis to study its performance possibly leading to redesign.

22 March 2004, Mathematical Principles of Fuzzy Logic, Vilem Novak (University of Ostrava)

Implementing the controller via, for example, a microprocessor, and evaluating the performance of the closed-loop system again, possibly leading to redesign. Can you re-collect gradient descent procedures? Newton-Raphson method? Fuzzy Systems How can fuzzy systems be used in a world where measurements and actions are expressed as crisp values? Fuzzy Systems Cont.

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It is too hot! Conventional vs Fuzzy system Components of a In order to process the input to get the output reasoning there are six steps involved in the creation of a rule based fuzzy system: 1.

Basic principles of fuzzy logic

Identify the inputs and their ranges and name them. Identify the outputs and their ranges and name them. Create the degree of fuzzy membership function for each input and output. University Press Scholarship Online. Sign in. Not registered? Sign up. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Search my Subject Specializations: Select Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content.

Dauben, and George J. Authors Affiliations are at time of print publication. Print Save Cite Email Share. Show Summary Details. Subscriber Login Email Address. Library Card. Furthermore, we outline the theory of special structures, which are suitable for representation of the structure of truth values.